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Agricultural Machines Mechanic

  • Full time
  • - Good salary conditions (I would not put a number, Jacco was not sure). - Excellent working environment (team of 8 mechanics). - Possibility of training and continuous learning.
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Job Description

As an Agricultural Mechanic, you will diagnose faults, adjust, repair or recondition agricultural machinery and vehicles, such as tractors, harvesters, rotary disc tools (power tillers), among others. Your job include: performing diagnostics, repairs and maintenance tasks on both customer-owned and third-party equipment (new equipment and some up to 30 years old); repairing and replacement of worn, damaged or defective parts; installation of equipment and communications systems; maintenance and repair of mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and electronic aspects; assembly, installation, diagnostic examination, service and repair of engines, machinery and mechanical equipment.

Required skills

– 5 years of experience in similar positions. Also could it be a good fit for this position the experienced working with heavy machinery (like construction or mining).

– Fluent in English at conversational level.

– Knowledge in mechanics, hydraulics and electronics of agricultural machines (preferable).

– Knowledge about reading software of agricultural machines (preferable).

– Knowledge of diesel engines.

– Ability to work autonomously mostly in the workshop and sometimes in rural areas (customer’s fields).

About the company

Our client is an exclusive dealer of various agricultural machinery (A-brands). It is characterized by well-trained skilled (service) mechanics and modern equipped workshop and service vehicles. This enables the company to respond adequately to specific circumstances and/or wishes of customers.

Field Engineer – Software & Commisioning

The mobile robots are assembled, programmed, and fine-tuned at our client's facility before being installed at the customer's site. As a Software & Commissioning Engineer, you will be responsible for the installation of our mobile robots at the customer's location.

You will be the point of contact on-site and will work closely and remotely with our software team as needed. This includes communication and safety handshakes with other machines, installation of our additional applications, and integration with the customer's overarching systems.

With your expertise, you will also help customers improve their production processes. Not only do you enjoy making projects a success, but you are also skilled in setting priorities and communicating them effectively with customers and colleagues.

First Mechanic Technician

The most beautiful cars drive into your workshop, from C-Class to Sprinter. It's time to take a look under the hood or perform periodic maintenance because your customers come to you with a wide range of requests, from an APK inspection to a set of winter tires. It gets really interesting when you get to work on the more complex technical parts of the car. In a Mercedes, all parts are carefully designed, from engine management to the Intelligent Drive system.

You work from a hypermodern workshop on perhaps the most beautiful cars driving in the Netherlands. Cars that require attention and careful handling. That's something you can handle. In the workshop, you work with a number of colleague mechanics and are supervised by the workshop manager.

You perform inspections and tests and from there, you diagnose issues. You are not afraid to perform repairs and maintenance on different models or install accessories in new or existing cars.

First Truck Technician

As a 1st truck technician, you understand the truck and transportation industry well. The thrill of traveling long distances, the romance of being far from home, and the never-ending debate of non-Mercedes Benz truckers who bravely stand up for their brand. We are looking for someone who has a passion for truck technology and, if possible, for the trucker lifestyle.

As a truck technician, you are the expert in all maintenance and repair work on trucks. In addition, you diagnose problems and are able to carry out the required work independently. This way, you efficiently ensure that the customer's vehicle is back in top condition.

You diagnose problems and carry out all maintenance and repair work on trucks.