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Process Scientist

  • Full time, Temporary
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Job Description

• As process scientist, you are responsible for investigating new and existing processes or materials on a fundamental level.
• Connecting theory and practice, evaluating subjects on feasibility and practical
• application as well as introducing new technology is part of your work.
• Identifying the connection between machine, tooling, and customer requirements.
• Analyze and verify the process and its possibilities, and transfer findings
• and knowledge to colleague process developers / scientists.
• Connected to multiple departments worldwide and are an integral part of process development work.
• Actively support process development colleagues in customer projects.
• Advice other departments on research topics.

Required skills

• University degree in a relevant subject (e.g. Physics or Mechanical Engineering).
• At least 2 years of experience in the field of industrial research and should be able to translate research results into practical working methods.
• Capable of maintaining overview and scouting opportunities.
• Innovation and pushing the technological limits is in their second nature.
• Excellent communication skills both verbally and written in English
• Willing to travel occasionally.

  • Education: Physics or Matematical Engineer
  • Experience: 2 years

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Car Damage Technician

As a car damage technician, you have a clear goal in mind: to ensure that cars leave the workshop in top condition. Your work is extra fun because you make a lot of difference and get results from what you do.

Main responsibilities

• Carrying out bodywork and sheet metal work
• Both dismantling and assembly work
• Repairing and repairing damage, according to the manufacturer's instructions
• Straightening of vehicles using measurement and targeting systems
• Diagnosing and calibrating ADAS systems
• Ensuring that our customer can demonstrably get back on the road safely after repair

Bus Mechanic

As a bus mechanic you are the expert in the field of all maintenance and repair work on buses. In addition, you make diagnoses and you are able to independently perform the resulting activities. In this way, you efficiently ensure that the customer's vehicle is back in top condition.

First Commercial Mechanic Technician

As a first commercial vehicle technician, you are the expert in all maintenance and repair work on Ford commercial vehicles. In addition, you can diagnose problems and carry out the resulting work independently, efficiently ensuring that the customer's vehicle is in top condition.

You diagnose and perform all maintenance and repair work on Ford commercial vehicles.