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Raespo brings people together

We are there for the internationally oriented employers who are looking for motivated and skilled professionals.

Raespo is also there for adventurous Spanish professionals who want to take a (next) step in their career and are looking for a long-term challenge in the Netherlands.

Raespo for Employers

Raespo has built an extensive network of experienced engineers in Spain. Our Spanish recruiters are active every day to expand and maintain our network. This allows us to provide our clients with qualified candidates who meet the specific requirements of technical positions. Whether you are looking for a Commissioning Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer or an Industrial Designer, we have the connections to strengthen your teams and departments.

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Raespo for Candidates 

Working in the Netherlands offers you great opportunities as a professional. The Netherlands is known worldwide for its high-quality technology sector and innovative working environment. For Spanish engineers and technical specialists, working in the Netherlands not only offers opportunities for professional growth, but also a unique lifestyle. Raespo helps with finding a suitable work place, and also helps with the proces of moving to a new country.

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