Our approach

Our approach

We engage in a personal conversation

Our approach always conducts personal interviews, both with the employer and the professional, and we never make hasty decisions. The recruitment and selection process takes time because we aim to ensure a successful long-term working relationship between the employer and the professional.

<p>We engage in a <b>personal</b> conversation<br></p>

Wishes of the employer

In the interview(s) with the employer, including the director, manager and/or colleagues, we discuss not only the education requirements, professional diplomas and certifications, but also address soft skills, team composition the new employee’s position in the team and the organisation. And, of course, the wishes regarding the duration of the employment.

<p><b>Wishes </b>of the employer</p>

Interviews with the professional

We conduct one or more interviews in English with well-trained Spanish professionals, both newcomers and experienced individuals. During the interview, we will thoroughly discuss how their education, knowledge, experience, and motivation align with the requirements of the position.

<p>Interviews with<b> the professional</b><br></p>

Desires and requirements

For our approach we need effective communication and clarification of requirements and desires on both ends significantly improve the likelihood of a successful match, underscoring the importance of clear dialogue.

<p>Desires and <b>requirements</b><br></p>

Contact between employer and professional

The ultimate decision is reached once the employer and the professional have engaged in a dialogue and reached mutual agreements on the steps to be taken. Our role is to provide comprehensive guidance to both parties throughout the process, ensuring that each step is clear and well-defined.

<p>Contact between <b>employer</b> and <b>professional</b><br></p>

The deal is done, now what?

Once the employer and the professional have reached an agreement, we can take care of the rest. This includes facilitating the signing and translation of contracts if needed, submitting the necessary application for a BSN, arranging temporary accommodation if required, providing comprehensive insurance information, and ultimately making sure that the professional’s journey to the Netherlands is as seamless as possible.

<p>The deal is done, <b>now what</b>?<br></p>