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Living in the Netherlands is a captivating journey that invites you to embrace a rich cultural heritage while embracing the modern amenities and forward-thinking lifestyle the country offers. With a harmonious blend of tradition and progress, a strong emphasis on quality of life, and a diverse and welcoming atmosphere, the Netherlands presents a unique and fulfilling experience for individuals looking to call this enchanting nation their home.

Life in the Netherlands, however, is different, and it is good that you are aware of this. Certain system you are used to will be different. We have listed all the important things for you so that you are aware of everything.


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Good to know - cost of living

Costs of living

You can make living in the Netherlands as expensive or cheap as you like. The cost depends on many things, but here is a rough estimate:

The cost of housing can vary greatly by place, location, size and type of living space. For instance, living in big cities is more expensive than in surrounding villages. Rent starts at 450 euros per month. On average, the rent for a studio with kitchen, for example, will be 850 euros per month. A multi-room flat starts at 850 euros per month and can go up to 1500 euros per month.

Gas and energy varies a lot per contract. The cost of gas, water and light together will be around 150 euros per month. This includes water for 1 person. There are also municipal taxes. With these taxes, everyone contributes to the facilities within the municipality. This varies per municipality and varies between 24 euros and 48 euros per month. These prices are in some cases included in the rent; you can check this in the rental contract.

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Good to know - living in the Netherlands

Sirens and Alerts

Every first Monday of the month at noon a siren can be heard. This is a test and lasts for 1 minute and 26 seconds. Therefore, you need not worry. It has nothing to do with an attack. It is also used today as a warning in case of a major fire or environmental disaster. Read more here.

NL-Alert is used to inform about disasters. An NL-Alert states what is going on, what you should do and where you can find more information. You receive an NL-Alert on your phone, but it can often also be seen on TV or at bus stops, for example.

An AMBER Alert is sent when a minor child is missing. You will only receive an AMBER Alert if there is immediate danger, such as a kidnapping. The police then sends out an AMBER Alert with the child’s characteristics.

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